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Private Money Lender

We are actively seeking individual investors interested to be private money lenders for real estate loans. Since 1993, we have placed several hundred Private Money (PM) Loans of over 34 million dollars for investors just like you.

PM loans are funded for purchases, refinances, rehabs, and construction loans. PM loan amounts vary from $50,000 – $1,000,000. Your return on investment is achieved with interest rates from 8%-12% on 1st TD’s. Typically, the loan terms are 30 due in 3-7 years with a 1 to 12 year range is common. PM property loans are made on “well secured” properties with a loan-to-value range of 30%-70%.

The PM property types can be residential, rental, apartments, commercial, mixed use, farms, acreage, or lots. PM properties can be used as owner occupied, non-owner occupied, and second homes. Non-occupied loans are usually done at 8% – 12% with terms of 30/3-7 years, with no appraisals required.  Owner occupied loans are usually 8% – 9% with terms of 30 / 7-12 years, and appraisals are required. 

Call directly to discuss the details with the broker/owner, Ken LeVeille at (503) 588-9215, or email us at

You Will Earn Good Returns On Well Secured Real Properties Loans.