Private Money Loans

Beautiful living room interior in new luxury home - Private Money Loans

Private money loans are highly-flexible, shorter-term loans used for properties or borrowers that do not qualify for traditional financing or typical timelines. With closing times as short as 1 week, private money loans are available for residential, commercial, farm, land-only, and other types of properties. Appraisals are not typically required for non owner-occupied usage, making this program a great fit for fixer, rehab, or construction properties. Loan-to-value requirements can take future, after-repair value into consideration as well. For borrowers with bruised credit, self-employment income, gaps in tax filings, and more, private money loans can also provide the short-term solution that’s needed while borrower qualifications improve. Given the speed and flexibility, our private money financing provides viable options for realtors, buyers, and sellers to compete with “all cash” purchases. 

Typical Loan Features – Private Money Loans

  • Flexible credit requirements
  • Appraisals are not required for owner-occupied homes if the loan term is less than 12 months
  • Appraisals are generally not required for non-owner occupied properties
  • Loan-to-value can be based on current or future, after-repair value, as determined by Real Market Value, realtor’s valuation, or comparable assessment
  • Potential to use the highest of the purchase price or current or after-repair valuation
  • Private Money loans can fund in as little as 1 week

Typical Loan Requirements – Private Money Loans

  • Demonstrated borrower acceptance of the higher loan interest rates
  • Demonstrated borrower capacity to pay monthly mortgage payments
  • Understanding of loan terms

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