10 Major Ways We Will Help You Sell Your Listed Home

house for sale sign - How a mortgage broker will help you sell your home sooner

10 Major Ways A Mortgage Broker Will Help You Sell Your Listed Home

 Capitol Mortgage Company will help you and your realtor sell your home sooner by…

  1. Expanding and enhancing your realtor’s marketing efforts.

                ~This will add to your overall advertising exposure.

  1. Using our extensive advertising & marketing to find prospective buyers.

               ~We have a network of connections that works to benefit you.

  1. Providing you with motivated and pre-qualified potential buyers.

               ~We will make sure they are qualified to buy and avoiding a “sale fail.”

  1. Significantly increasing your curb-side “For Sale” sign visibility.

               ~We can provide you with professional “Financing Available” signage.

  1. Helping you increase the salability of your home.

               ~We will look at your home from the buyer’s & appraiser’s perspectives.

  1. Helping you get better results out of your advertising and open houses.

                ~We will be available to qualify buyers and answer their financial questions.

  1. Helping you and your realtor learn about all the various loan options.

                ~We show you how to write up an offer from a financial view point.

  1. Converting a marginal buyer into a happy new home owner.

                ~We will find your buyer a workable solution and the best loan program.

  1. Providing a safety net of loan options for the various types of buyers.

                ~We offer many conforming, non-conforming, and private loan options.

  1. Helping you with showings and open house presentations.

                ~We will provide you & your buyers with useful financial information.


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